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Assistant at Devil's Due Comics

(January 2022- Present )         

Communicating with artists, writers, editors, clients and publishers to insure that the publishing process is completed in a smooth and timely manner,  assisting in crowdfunding campaigns and customer service, inventory sorting and warehouse fulfillment, running the company booth at conventions, arranging bookings and in-person events

Admin Duties:

Flatting panels, using Photoshop and other programs touch up backgrounds, colors, and line art and to better match the writer's/client's vision, writing newsletters, designing and drawing art for newsletters and the website

Creative Duties:                 

Freelance Artist

(May 2021 - present)

Creating artwork for clients in a timely manner, communicating with clients to determine price and subject matter, packing and shipping when necessary



(2013-2017)               Pacific Collegiate High School 
(2015)                          California College of the Arts, Pre-College Summer Program
(2017- 2021)               School of the Art Institute of Chicago


(Winter 2019)            Exhibition at Midtown Hair Salon, Santa Cruz, CA
(Winter 2019)            Comic exhibited and sold at Chicago Art Book Fair 
(Fall 2020)                 Cafe Iveta, First Friday Santa Cruz Exhibition
(Winter 2020)           Piece featured at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
(March 2021)             Piece at SAIC Spring Undergraduate Exhibition, Chicago, IL
(Spring 2021)              Exhibition at Art of Santa Cruz Art Gallery


(2015)                      First Place Acrylics, Annual High School Show, Santa Cruz Art League
(2016)                      First Place Acrylics,  Annual High School Show, Santa Cruz Art League
(2017)                      Third Place Acrylics,  Annual High School Show, Santa Cruz Art League
(2017)                      Recognition Scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Software:              Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Premiere Pro, ToonBoom Storyboard Pro

Printing:                Risograph printing, Screen Printing

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